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A DUI for the Hollidays

Just a quick reminder -

We think of the holidays fondly, with friends and family, warm fires, rich meals, and celebration. However, with all of that comes the consequences - police are patrolling heavily during this time looking for people to arrest for a DUI.

The most heavily day enforced is the day before Thanksgiving - as people come in from out of town, catch up with their families, then head off the bar to see their old friends, they think that it's a fun, jolly time, and don't plan ahead. Won't the cops want to be with their friends before the holiday?

Unfortunately, they don't work that way.

Police are looking for when you drop your guard to catch you. Between Thanksgiving week and New Year's Day, police patrols and checkpoints are out in large numbers.

So, plan ahead - either make sure you're ok to drive with your own breathalyzer or grab a ride to and from the bar.

Don't spend any part of these holidays behind bars.