I love getting emails, tweets, reddit messages, etc. from all of you. It makes me feel good that I can give back by helping people get out from any sort of dark place they're at when they get a DUI. Recently one person asked how they could help support the site. Hadn't really thought that anybody would want to do that before, but, why not allow for the option?

The blog takes time, hosting costs, and, of course, a conviction on a DUI to get to you.

If you want to, I've set up a PayPal below that you can donate to. You will never be under any obligation to donate, ever. There will never be a "private" section of this blog, there will never be a club that gets insider information, or anything like that. This blog will always be dedicated to giving people as much information as clearly as possible, without any restrictions. I will never try to solicit a donation in exchange for advice. If you
email me, I'll respond the best I can for free, forever.

But, if somebody wants to help me with the costs… I won't say no.

You can donate with PayPal here. If you use a credit card, the charge will read "SADBlog". Figured you have enough things that say "DUI" on them already.

Again, no pressure. All information will be here free, always.